Activity Planning

Adult Care Homes that have an individualized and group activity program are more likely to get chosen by families and recommended by referral sources.

We understand that care homes are required to offer activities to their residents but also understand that not everyone has time to create a full activity program. 

How does the process work?

  • We start with a phone call to understand what you are looking for and what to expect from us.
  • Then we schedule a time to visit your home, get to know you and get an idea of what kind of activity program you are looking for. We want to understand how much time you want to put in, your staffing, and what kind of program you would like to create.
  • We will then get to know each resident individually to develop meaningful activities and daily tasks, while also evaluating their capabilities of participating in group activities.
  • Once we understand residents needs and capabilities, along with the dynamics in your home, we will do all the shopping and put together activity boxes for each resident.
  • We will then personally deliver the boxes, review the contents, and teach you how to best utilize them with each resident. Each box will also contain their individualized written activity plan and instructions. 
  • We will give you written group activity suggestions.
  • We will also email you a written plan for each resident and group activities.

What am I paying for and what will it cost?

(Option: Payment can be split between two payments, 30 days apart)

  • Our time to get to know your residents, you, and your home 
  • Individualized, recognizable door signs for each resident’s door
  • Shopping time
  • Activities/Products for activity boxes
  • Resident activity box assembly, with instructions in each box
  • Written customized group activity plan

Your plan will take you through an entire year of activities, with holiday activity suggestions. 

Have a new resident that needs an activity plan and activity box?


Just let us know, we will schedule a time to come out and meet your new resident, make their own door sign, and develop a plan and develop their own activity box.

“Those with dementia may have a brain that works much differently than ours. But if we link our hands together, we can overcome anything”

Teepa Snow
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