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Each care home has a unique personality and feeling. My goal is to create a brand for your home, so you can present your home in the most professional way with referral sources, families, residents, and other community partners. I have been to hundreds of care homes, so I understand what families are looking for in a home and why they chose, or don’t choose certain homes.
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Every Care Home Needs a Different Kind of Support, So We start With a Free 15-minute Phone Call to Identify How I Can Best Support You

Here Are Just Some of The Coaching/Consulting Services I Can Provide to You as a Care Home Owner

  • Identifying and setting up an organizational system so that you can be more efficient and organized.
  • Give you feedback on your home, letting you know what you can do to make your home warmer and inviting for potential families and residents.
  • Take professional pictures of your home, design a logo, then create brochures and business cards specifically designed for your home and care services.
  • Website design, here is a sample:
  • If you are an established home I will review your current referral sources, connect you to new potential referral sources, and reintroduce you to your other referral sources.  I will personally reach out to local referral sources to let them know about your care home. 
  • If you are a new care home, I will connect you to referral sources and establish a marketing plan just for your home, so you can get referrals that are appropriate for your home. 
  • Once I get to know you and the care you can provide, I will give you a personalized written marketing plan that is specifically designed just for your care home and the kind of residents you are looking for.
  • If you are an established care home, we will work together to rebrand your care home and even give your care home a fresh look.
  • I will visit your home to let you know how you might be able to update and/or redecorate in your home so that you can be more competitive with the care homes in your area. 
  • Review of pricing structure to make sure that your rates are competitive but not higher than other homes in your area. 
  • Type up and professionally word documents like pricing structure, website content, etc.
  • Review and training of personal care plans. 
  • Coaching on overall business practices.
  • Leadership training, customer service training for you and your caregivers.
  • Problem-solving about challenging residents or families.

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